Thursday, February 19, 2009

Globelines Broadband mobile hotline

Are you a Globelines Broadband subscriber? Have you ever experienced being disconnected due to an unpaid dsl broadband account bill?
As a Globelines Broadband subscriber for nearly 2 years, my account had been cut-off several times due to late bill payment...sssshhhh!

Yesterday my account was disconnected wife forgot pay to our dsl broadband bill... :D

Of course when your account has been suspended, you are disconnected from the internet obviously and your landline phone is useless (no incoming and outgoing calls)...

Thank God my wife subscribed for a postpaid Globe mobile account. Her cellular phone was my only refuge to contact a customer care representative to our ISP. When I called 211 (default Customer Service hotline for Globe) through my wife's mobile phone. In the past (this would be 2008!), I was able to ask the agent to transfer my call to their Globelines Hotline, but the agent told me that they can no longer transfer a call to their Globelines Hotline.Damn! too bad for me...

But when I asked the agent if there was any other way that i could connect to their Globelines Broadband hotline to process my query, the agent didn't waste a second to gave me their new toll-free Customer hotline which is accessible on any Globe mobile prepaid or post paid accounts.Oooh!

Now here is the new toll-free hotline that you can directly dial on your Globe mobile phones in order to process any of your query on your Globelines Broadband dsl account: 1800-87468-000

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